Betty Martin, Director of the Cape Girardeau Public Library

"The Library Board hired Hendrickson Business Advisors to help craft a new three year long-range plan.  They held community focus groups, sent out surveys and led both staff and board members through evaluation and planning sessions.  The end result was a thorough, detailed, well thought out, “road map” for the next three years, one that will help the Library continue to be an invaluable community resource.  Hendrickson Business Advisors are caring and considerate professionals, another great asset to our community."

Jason Eftink, President and CEO of Technology and Networking

"Hendrickson Business Advisors has become a strategic partner of Technology and Networking.  We rely on their expertise in several areas including marketing, employee training seminars, professional writing and proofreading of various correspondence.  Even in these tough economic times, when our first instinct is to stop all marketing efforts, we find these services to be too valuable.  The entire team at Hendrickson Business Advisors has proven themselves to be true professionals in all engagements from in-office meetings to customer facing seminars.  I would feel comfortable recommending them to others in the business community."

Tony Buehrle, Development Director for Notre Dame Regional High School Educational Fund Foundation

"Why do we work with Hendrickson Business Advisors?  Simply put, they are professionals. Since the day we requested their help to further our mission of returning apostles to the community, it was evident they took their job seriously. They learn your business enabling them to strategically asses your objectives and provide the proper guidance to attain your goals."